Christmas Biscuits and Confectionery 2013

I had a question on my blog facebook site regarding Christmas treats for kids. I have since been on the lookout and have found lots of festive treats for our little ones.

First to biscuits, it’s always a dreaded moment when I see a box of biscuits being passed our way in someone’s house and I know already not even one biscuit in the tin is dairy free. Good old Kimberley, Mikado and Coconut Creams to the rescue. Check out the cool boxes full of only these biscuits. Of course you can’t control what other people have in their houses but if you had to have a box of biscuits at home over the festive season, it would be great to have one that your kids can have as well as everyone else. Note that they have a warning: Produced on a line handling Milk, Soya and in a factory handling Tree Nuts, Egg but on a different line.

Boxes of jellies have been appearing on the shelves over the past few years, shaped like the traditional cardboard box of Roses. Granny bought some Maynards ones for my little boy last year and they went down a treat. You don’t want them to eat a whole pile of sweets but when everyone else is indulging it’s great to have something similar to everyone else. This year the Natural Confectionary Company and Maynards have big tubs of sweets too and Haribo’s tub seems to have increased in size since last year.

I am on the hunt for a dairy free selection box. I have found one from Organix, all healthy treats suitable for toddlers, no chocolate but they aren’t likely to miss it. Unfortunately for Irish customers it is only available to order online.  It costs €3.57 for delivery to Ireland.

Organix Christmas Selection Box

Choices do a Santa sack containing 3 chocolate bars and a pack of chocolate buttons and a pack of orange chocolate buttons. They are available in Holland and Barrett health shops.

Choices Santa Sack
Choices Santa Sack

I would love to hear from you if you have found a dairy free selection box? I will probably be making my own one for my older boy. More on that coming soon.

Magic Mayan Chocolates are an Irish family run company based in county Clare and all their chocolate is dairy free, gluten free, soya free and free from refined sugar. According to Matthew, one of the chocolatiers, Raspberry Rendezvous and Crazy Caramel are the favourites with children. For Christmas the Strawberry Santa lollipops look just wonderful. I plan to get one each for my boys. Also for Christmas, you can get a personalised Christmas wrapper on an of the chocolate bars. All their chocolate is available online and there is free delivery on orders over €30 between now and Christmas.

Moo free have a chocolate Santa available, again I’m on the look out for this in the shops.

Moo Free Santa Bar
Moo Free Santa Bar
Image: Moo Free*


If you are living in the Dublin area, Sam’s Pantry do some lovely Christmas free from treats including a Santa selection box tub which is dairy, egg and soya free. It is available to order online but only within Dublin area.

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