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A Parent’s Response to the 100 Chefs’ Letter to the Daily Telegraph

Yesterday I read something quite disappointing. 100 chefs in the UK have written to the Daily Telegraph to complain about the new EU allergy rules and how they are damaging UK restaurants. You can read the full letter here and the article here. In December 2014, new legislation came into effect throughout the EU with regard to… Read More »

Is it Easier to Eat out with Allergies since December?

In December (2014), new legislation came into effect throughout the EU with regard to labelling of allergens on prepackaged foods and for the first time regarding non prepackaged food sold in restaurants, cafés, canteens, take-aways, shops etc. In Ireland, it has been decided that the information must be provided in a written format. You can… Read More »

Alpro Reverse their Nut Warning Decision

In February I wrote about Alpro and their decision to start producing almond and hazelnut products at their production sites by the end of 2014. This led to them changing their packaging on all their products to warn that they may contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts. The packaging changes started straight away. You can… Read More »

An Explanation of the New EU Labelling Laws for Allergens

Food labelling can be very confusing when you are trying to avoid a certain food item. I’ve written before about the many different names that can indicate forms of  dairy. New EU legislation means that from December 2014 allergy labelling will be standardised and in a particular format. This is good news for the allergy… Read More »