Product Watch August 2014

Nature Valley Crunchy Bars

I’ve been meaning to put these in a product watch for the longest time. They are delicious, all flavours I’ve tried are yum, the boys love them and many of them are dairy free. The ones I can get in my local Dunnes – Oat and Hazelnuts, Oats and Honey, Maple Syrup, Cinnamon and Coconut are all dairy free. They have a much bigger range which you can view on their website. Please check the packaging of whichever one you pick to double check. They come in a box of 5 packs of 2 bars each. They are so handy for a lunchbox treat, a picnic or on a day out and you can also buy them as a single bar in corner shops and petrol station shops.

Nature Valley Crunchy Bars  Ginger Nut Crunch


Nesquik Chocolate and Strawberry Drink Mix

The chocolate and strawberry Nesquik milk flavourings are dairy free. I usually make hot chocolate with plain cocoa powder but this is handy as you can make cold milk drinks also. Make with your favourite milk replacement, we tried it with soya.


nesquik chocolate nesquik ingredients

Kallo Belgian Dark Chocolate Organic Rice Cakes

My sister introduced me to these yummy rice cakes, they are square and thinner than the normal rice cakes and much more chocolatey. They are her goto snack for tea time.


Sainsbury’s Free From Range

I spent a few days in the UK last week and visited one of the biggest free from sections I’ve ever seen in a Sainsbury’s in Wycombe. My sister assured me that it totally depends on the individual Sainsbury’s branch whether they’ll have as a big a selection. This one was amazing. I had very little room in my suitcase otherwise I’d have bought a LOT of stuff. From the Sainsbury’s Free From range, my sister tried the chocolate logs for me, she loves them. Wanted to go back for more. We didn’t try anything else but there is plenty of choice for parties or treats. I’ve included some items in the slideshow from other brands that they had in their freefrom section also.

Kinnerton Chocolate Lollipops

I also found these Kinnerton lollipops and bars in Sainsbury’s also, I have found the Easter eggs in Ireland before so I’m sure the chocolate must be available somewhere here too. They are dairy free, gluten free, egg free and nut free.

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