Food with a Novelty Factor

These dinners just might work for your fussy eaters.

Tortilla / Taco bowls

You can use moulds to make these nice shapes or you can just shape the tortilla over an upside down oven proof bowl.

Spray the moulds or the upside down bowls with some cooking oil spray. Put the tortilla over the bowls or in the moulds. Shape it as well as you can if using the upside down bowls. Pop in the oven for 12-15 minutes at 190C (180C fan oven).

You can fill these with chilli con carne, bolognese, chicken stir fry, salad, whatever takes your fancy.


Skewers / Shish Kebabs

My kids will always eat something if it’s on a stick.

Fruit kebabs – almost any fruit will work for these and they are always gobbled up in this house.


fruit kebabs

Chicken Kebabs – these are super simple, see the recipe here.

Chicken Shish kebabs on barbeque

Homemade Pizza

This can be a bread roll / ciabatta halved or a wrap sread with tomato sauce and sprinkled with dairy free toppings and popped under the grill or it can be the real deal, homemade pizza base the works. All dairy free. Throw on some grated dairy free cheese such as Violife if you have it. Et voila! Food to eat with your hands. What child can resist. Actually my older boy has been known to try to eat pizza with a knife and fork. You know, the one food he is meant to pick up to eat.



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