Dairy Free Recipes

Here are some of our favourite dairy free recipes. All recipes on the blog are dairy free and suitable for those with Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy or Lactose Intolerance. All the recipes have been tried and tested at home here. Many of the recipes are my own, where they are someone else’s or adapted from other recipes, I have advised this in the recipe. 





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6 thoughts on “Dairy Free Recipes

  1. Aoife O' Connor

    hi, i am so delighted to have come across your page. It seems my 2 year ols may have a cows milk interolerance so I have started taking it from his diet. However, I am having some difficulties as most yogurt alternatives are soya nd someone suggested to me not to give him too much soya?
    It sounds silly but one of my biggest voids is rice cakes. He loves the yogurt topping rice cakes and I used to find them a very handy snack. Do you know of a similar product that is easy to give on the go but is still a healthy, alternative snack. I think its the snacks that I’m finding most difficult.
    Any advice would be hugely appreciated….
    Warmest regards,

  2. Laura Post author

    Hi Aoife, glad you’re finding the site useful! There are coconut yogurts available too – CoYo and Wot No dairy?, you should be able to find these in health shops. I don’t know of any similar rice cakes, but the dark choc mint ones are usually ok, they get destroyed with the chocolate though! Also some of the flavoured rice cakes, like apple ones might be ok. Always check the packing. HTH.

  3. Lucy

    Hi Laura, I have just discovered your blog. Brilliant stuff! My daughter has a cows milk protein intolerance/allergy (is 7, but has been reacting to milk products since birth)… She suffers with asthma and eczema and it’s been such a long journey we’ve been on with her in terms of diagnosis (getting gp, family, friends and school to all be on board and understanding). I found your blog when researching dairy free eating in France, as we’re holidaying there in the summer. The dairy free diet is a real key to her symptoms improving… seeing your blog, with recipes and advice is fabulous!! Keep it up! :D

    1. Laura Post author

      Hi Lucy, many thanks for your kind words! I totally get the long journey, it can be so hard to get there. So delighted she is feeling better. There are tons of other parents who have gone through similar, have a look at the interview series! Delighted you are finding it helpful. Take care, Laura

    1. Laura Post author

      Hi Lisa,

      It is dairyfree but I’m not sure about the fodmap diet, from a few minutes researching online it seems not to be suitable but I don’t know for sure. Ask your nutritionist or health professional if you can.Thanks, Laura


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