For exclusion diets especially when they are for health reasons – allergy or intolerance, it is critical to have the correct and most recent information about product ingredients.

Any products that I have described as free from dairy, dairy free or free from other allergens, are so at the time I publish the post. I will endeavour to update old posts if I become aware of information becoming out of date. The best rule of thumb is to always check the packaging yourself. I hope you can use this site as a guide, but do make sure to check yourself. Occasionally when products change ingredients the manufacturers will also change the look of the packaging so it gives you a clue that there might be changes, but as this is not always the case you must be vigilant.

All recipes on the site are dairy free, provided ingredients are dairy free (where there’s a choice of brand you need to choose a dairy free version and check the packaging yourself to ensure).

I will sometimes use products that have a ‘may contain milk’ warning. As my children are intolerant rather than allergic, it is not as critical to me to find products without this warning. If a product has this warning, I will state this.