“Help, where do I start, I’ve been put on a dairy free diet. Everything contains dairy, what will I do? “

Every week I receive facebook messages, e-mails, tweets etc. saying something like this. It is very daunting when you are starting on a dairy free diet. I started this page to try to help people in the same situation I was myself when starting out with dairy free diets for my children. 

This website is split into 4 main areas. TIPS. RECIPES. FREE FROM PRODUCTS and BLOG.



Basic Dairy Free Shopping List

RECIPIES If you are here for a quick look for a new recipe to try or a specific recipe go here.

TIPS If you want to read about different aspects of going dairy free go here. There is also an Allergy Stories section with interviews with people who have or whose children have food allergies. 

FREE FROM PRODUCTS If you want  more information on off the shelf dairy free products go here. 

BLOG I blog about other bits and pieces from time to time, living with 2 small boys, school, books, outings etc. 


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The blog is written from my point of view, a parent with two sons with cows’ milk allergies. My advice and tips are not a replacement for medical advice. I do my utmost to have all information correct at type of publishing. Always check labels before consuming food as manufacturers can change ingredients at any time.  Check with your medical doctor or allergist if you are ever unsure of anything.