Dairy Free Christmas Treats

Everywhere I look in the shops and supermarkets for the past number of weeks there is chocolate, sweets and biscuits for Christmas. It can be a nightmare for parents of children with food allergies as there are so so many options and ingredient lists the length of your arm to go through. More than 90% of the content of the aisles will be items that contain milk. Year on year though there is more dairy free options available. And the good news is that prices are coming down slowly too. The free from options are still hugely more expensive than the run of the mill stuff but the prices are becoming more reasonable. 



1. Holly Lane Mince Pies from Aldi. These are dairy free. 

Holly Lane Mince Pies Ingredients

2. Jacobs Kimberley, Mikado and Coconut creams. These classic biscuits are the perfect answer if you want to have a dairy free box of biscuits in the house. A little boring as they only contain one type of biscuit, but they are dairy free.  They do however carry the warning: Produced on a line handling Milk, Soya and in a factory handling Tree Nuts, Egg but on a different line.

3. Cocoa Libre Choc Penguins. These are Dairy Free and you can find them in Holland & Barrett stores. 

Cocoa Libre Chocolate Penguin


4. Holly Lane Marzipan Stollen from Aldi. This is a type of fruit cake, the kids love it. It has a may contain milk, nuts and eggs warning.



Christmas Dairy Free Treats


5. Choices have a selection box this year, with child friendly packaging. It contains 3 bars and two packs of rondelos (buttons) The contents are dairy free, gluten free, wheat free and egg free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is available in Dunnes Stores, and was on Aldi’s specials on Sunday. It can also be found countrywide in health stores. 


6. Maynard’s Wine Gums and Bassett’s Jelly Babies these are in nice kid friendly packaging and a perfect dairy free treat. These are in all the main the supermarkets. 


7. Mini Moos Organic Santa Bar 

Moo Free have their fabulous dairy free and gluten free chocolate Santas again this year. They are available in SuperValu and Dunnes Stores nationwide, in Holland and Barrett and in many independent health stores. 


Moo Free Santa Bar

8. Mini Moo Selection Boxes 

Moo Free have their lovely selection boxes again this year. They contain a mint choc bar, bunnycomb bar, chocolate santa and an orange chocolate bar. Gluten free and dairy free.  They are available in SuperValu and Dunnes Stores nationwide, in Holland and Barrett and in many independent health stores. 


christmas treats

9. Choices Chocolate Santas – These are available in milk chocolate and white chocolate alternatives, dairy free, wheat free, gluten free. Perfect stocking fillers! I found in Dunnes Stores but you can get in health stores also.  

10. Costa Crimbo Crumble I always love finding dairy free treats in coffee shops, I might take the boys to Costa for a treat over the holiday season! The Crimbo Crumble is a biscuit base with mincemeat and a crumble topping. This treat is gluten free, dairy free, soy free, egg free and vegan.

11.  Montezuma’s Truffle Collection – These are for the special dairy free person in your life. They are fabulous chocolate truffles, and quite expensive but I have heard they are worth it! 

12. Nakd Christmas Pud Bar – This healthy raw food bar is made with fruit and nuts, is dairy free, gluten free and wheat free. 


I hope you find something you like in this post, I have covered advent calendars in a separate post. And you can view treats from last year and the year before too. Check back as I will be updating this with more finds between now and Christmas.  What dairy free treats will you be stocking up on this Christmas?


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