Alpro Reverse their Nut Warning Decision

In February I wrote about Alpro and their decision to start producing almond and hazelnut products at their production sites by the end of 2014. This led to them changing their packaging on all their products to warn that they may contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts. The packaging changes started straight away. You can read more about this here and here.


AlproSOS was a group set up to lobby Alpro to see if this could be changed. As Alpro drinks are the main milk alternative and a large source of calcium for many people with multiple allergies – nuts and milk especially, this change meant that all Alpro products were now unsafe. Added to that, the own-brand soya drinks from the likes of Tesco and ALDI are also made by Alpro so these were getting the nut warnings also.

Today AlproSOS announced that Alpro have decided to change their processes and they will be removing their may contain nuts labelling and their products will all be safe from cross contamination. They have advised that they will rearrange their production lines so that they are dedicated to rice, soya and oat OR almond, hazelnut and coconut drinks. This will ensure that there is no risk of cross contamination. They will gradually remove all their ‘may contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts’ warnings from soya, oat and rice milks.

You can read the post on the AlproSOS facebook page below:


This is a huge victory for the allergy community. Alpro is one of the largest producers of milk alternatives and the fact that they listened to the allergy community and that this effected their change is just wonderful. Well done to the allergy community and to AlproSOS for speaking up and thank you Alpro for listening.


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