Dairy Free Christmas Treats for 2014

The selection box range has increased this year, hurray. Last year I found a healthy selection box for toddlers from Organix and Choices had a Santa sack but was in no way marketed for children, nor was it widely available. There was no chocolate selection box as such available. Moo Free to the rescue with their selection boxes and chocolate Santas this year. They are available in Dunnes Stores nationwide, many health stores and you can buy online from Sam’s Pantry.

Moo Free
Moo Free Selection Box
Moo Free Santa Bar
Moo Free Santa Bar


Sam’s Pantry also have their own selection of chocolate Christmassy treats, all dairy free and may contain soy.


Choices have a Santa Sack available again like last year. It is dairy free and contains 3 chocolate bars and 2 packs of buttons. The Organix toddler selection box with healthy treats is available again this year. I have not found in the shops but you can get on their website.



Choices Santa Sack
Choices Santa Sack
Organix Christmas Selection Box
Organix Goodies Selection Box


Lidl have a huge Christmas range in as usual. Here are two items which are naturally dairy free and might be something you’d like. Deluxe coconut ice and Sugared Almonds. The sugared almonds are delicious, I tried them last year (purely for research purposes of course ;)).

2014-10-16 09.26.56 2014-10-16 09.26.59

There is a wide range of jellies available from the Haribo small Christmas Cracker type ones to mid sized boxes to huge sharing tubs.


May Contain Milk

The rest of the treats I have found all have a may contain milk warning.

These ALDI Santas are dark chocolate and carry a may contain milk warning. They are sold in boxes which also contain milk chocolate Santas. This won’t suit anyone with serious milk allergies, but I’ve included them as some people will be ok with the may contain ones. The dark chocolate Santas have a brown chocolate santa sack rather than the blue sacks which are the milk chocolate ones.


2014-11-06 15.23.11-1 2014-11-06 15.23.17

Here is some more of ALDIs seasonal range. All of these are also ‘may contain milk’ I’m afraid but may suit some people.


Like last year, Kimberley, Mikado and Coconut Creams are available in big biscuit boxes. They have a warning: Produced on a line handling Milk, Soya and in a factory handling Tree Nuts, Egg but on a different line.


I hope you find something you like in this post, I have covered advent calendars in a separate post. What dairy free treats will you be stocking up on this Christmas?

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