Free Printable Allergy Sheets – French and Spanish

photo credit: Jagrap via photopin cc
photo credit: Jagrap via photopin cc
photo credit: GonchoA via photopin cc

It can be a bit daunting eating out abroad if you don’t have the language. You are never quite sure the waiting staff understand your child’s allergies. Here’s some printables for France and Spain with common phrases you might need for eating out.

You can print and bring with you and try out your French or Spanish or you can just point to the line you need them to read.

Thanks a million to my cousin Romane for helping me with the French and for Adriana for translating the Spanish.

I will have translations into other languages soon. If you can help me with this please e-mail [email protected]. You can also send suggestions if you want other phrases too.

Happy holidays!


French Printable for Eating out Dairy Free | download pdf here



Spanish Printable for Eating out Dairy Free | download pdf here



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