Product Watch – September 2014

Emily’s Raw Food

Emily’s Raw Food is a new business based here in Gorey. Currently her range includes caramel slices, energy truffles and peanut butter cups. They are available in Small Changes in Gorey, and they sell out fast. I was in there on Wednesday and they were completely sold out. I have yet to taste the range but I have it on good authority that the caramel slices are to die for.



Sam’s Pantry’s Halloween Goodies

Sam’s Pantry has a range of Halloween goodies available. They need to be ordered by October 10th so be early if you want to grab them. The treat bags contain 2 chocolate marshmallow pops, a Mini Moo bar and Halloween raisins. The Chocolate Oreos are may contain milk.

Halloween Treats


Alpro Cremoso 

Alpro have a new yogurt range – Cremoso, with a different shaped tub and fancier branding. They contain three times the fat (9%) of the regular Alpro yogurts, and about 2% less sugar. They are being marketed as more luxurious than the usual Alpro yogurts. We tried and liked the raspberry one, but it comes in cherry and peach also. You can read more on Alpro’s website.



The Pantry Dark Chocolate Chips

ALDI have recently added lots of new products to their baking section. There is ready to roll icing, cocoa and these chocolate chips. The dark chocolate ones don’t have any milk ingredients but do carry a may contain milk warning. I haven’t used them yet but I’m looking forward to making my chocolate chip cookies with them.

The Pantry Dark Chocolate Chips

Lotus Caramelised Spread

I just had to try this. It is like a jar of sugar it is so sweet. The boys loved it on crackers and toast and on their fingers straight from the jar before I caught them! It is dairy free. Nice for a treat but I think we’ll stick to peanut butter in future.

2014-09-03 18.22.40 2014-09-03 18.22.51


Greenvale  Roll Out Puff Pastry

This is ALDI’s version of frozen roll out pastry. They also have a shortcrust version which is dairy free too. I used this to make goat’s cheese tartlets for a party lately. I think I could’ve replaced the goat’s cheese with violife cream cheese to make them dairy free. This pastry is super handy and could be used to make sweet or savoury snacks.



Disclaimer: I was not asked or paid to provide any of this information and all opinions are my own. Please always double check ingredients labels on pack as they are subject to change. 

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