Product Watch March

Welcome to my dairy free product watch for March. I’ve been super busy of late and neglecting the blog, life has been getting in the way! I’m glad to be back with a few bits we’ve found or rediscovered over the past while. Have you found anything new and dairy free that you love?


Marks and Spencer Dark Chocolate Lollies

Marks and spencer dark choc lollies

I’ve possibly featured these before but I had forgotten all about them. They are dark chocolate but not too bitter and my boys love the novelty factor. They are available in M&S in Ireland and UK and come in a pack of 4 for €3.


Meridian Peanut & Coconut Bars

Meridian Peanut Bar

These snack bars from Meridian are really delicious. I love them and the boys are big fans. They are not for school if you have a nut ban but a nice alternative treat for other times. They are available in health stores and I’ve seen them on special in Aldi also.

Coconut Rounds

Coconut Rounds Aldi

We enjoy the raspberry rounds, and these are equally delicious. Gluten free and dairy free, these are in the Free From shelf in Aldi.

Costa Gluten Free Cherry Bakewells

Costa Cherry Bakewells

There are two Costa coffee shops in my local town and I’ve recently discovered these little bakewells there that are gluten free and dairy free. The boys are delighted. I don’t often bring them both for coffee but if I’m catching up with someone and I have them with me it’s great if they can have a treat. Especially if other kids are with us too who can have the choice of treats. These are really yummy and if I’ve only one boy with me I get to share!


Pain Au Chocolats


pain au chocolat

We got these babies in the freezer section in Aldi. They are may contain: milk, sesame and sulphites. My boys had no reaction and were delighted with them. The kitchen smelt amazing too!

That’s it for this product watch. I’ll have another one in the next few weeks. Let me know if you spot any products that should be on it!


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Disclaimer: Everything we tried out was purchased myself. All opinions as always are my own. 

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