Recipe: Easter Cornflake Nests

Easter Cornflake Nests

You will need:

200g dairy free chocolate
250g cornflakes
1 tablespoon golden syrup (I used this to lessen the bitterness of the 50% dark chocolate I was using, if using milk chocolate leave this out).
Jelly beans or other sweets to decorate.

Stirring cornflakes into chocolate
Stirring cornflakes into chocolate


Melt chocolate and golden syrup over a Pan of boiling water ensuring water doesn’t touch base of bowl.

Crush cornflakes slightly in a sealed freezer bag. Stir into melted chocolate mix until they are all coated. If your kids are helping with this part make sure they are careful of the bowl being hot.

Press cornflakes down into bun cases with a spoon and create a hollow in the centre.

Decorate with sprinkles, jellies, jelly beans, baby marshmallows or any other dairy free toppings you can think of.

Chocolate Cornflake nests
Chocolate Cornflake nests



Tip: If these are for Easter try to find the tiny Jelly Beans as these are most egg-shaped dairy free sweets I can think of. Pop in a little furry chick as well if you have some for the perfect nest. 


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