Recipe: Marshmallow treats

These marshmallow treats are extremely easy and quick to make, fun to let the little ones help, and are delicious.


The original ones my aunty Cathy used to make when I was a kid were made with milk chocolate and had smarties on top. The dairy free version I make now for my boys is made with dairy free chocolate and is just as yummy. They disappear very quickly anyway.

You will need:

Dairy free chocolate (plain is fine but milk even better for kids if you can find some)
2 bags marshmallows
Jellytots or skittles for the top
Mini muffin bun cases



  1. Break chocolate into squares and melt in a pyrex dish over simmering water in a saucepan.
  2. Dip marshmallow into melted chocolate and cover base of marshmallow with chocolate. 2012-10-31 13.20.00
  3. Place marshmallow chocolate side down into mini muffin case.
  4. Using a fork put a small bit of melted chocolate on the top of the marshmallow and stick Jelly Tot or Skittle on top. At Halloween I used writing icing to make them into ghosts instead of putting a sweet on top. You can also add sprinkles to the chocolate  for another variation.
  5. Place in fridge to set or in a cool place.

    Marshmallow Treats
    Marshmallow Treats
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