Product Watch June

Product Watch June


This month’s product watch is brimming over with new products. We were sent some Rule of Crumb products to try, and many readers and friends sent me photos of free from stuff they spotted in various places. Our local Aldi has been revamped and they have more dairy free stuff than ever before. 


Rule of Crumb Eclairs and Fish Fingers 

Rule of Crumb are based in Antrim and their mission is to provide food that is ‘as fit for a king as it is for coeliacs’. The Fish Fingers, Chicken Goujons and Chocolate Eclairs are all dairy free also. The boys were beyond excited to eat a cream bun! The eclairs are very true to real ones, and come frozen, and you defrost for 30 minutes before eating. The fish fingers are very good, the crumb coat is nicer than the regular fish fingers we usually get. The Blueberry muffins are ‘may contain milk’ so bear that in mind if you decide to try them! The boys loved them of course, and I gave to them on cake sale day at school so they weren’t left out.  i’m a big fan of this range and am looking forward to the new Iceland store opening soon locally so I can stock up. The range is available in Supervalu and Iceland stores in Ireland and in the UK they are in Sainsburys, Morrisons, Wholefoods, Ocado, Booths and Iceland stores. 


Marks and Spencers Made Without Dairy Range

I’m not lucky enough to live near an M&S store but a reader sent me this snapshot of the range of Made without Dairy products she picked up lately. Her little man gave a thumbs up for the ice-cream and the yogurts! Will definitely check them out next time I’m in Dublin. 



The Coconut Collaborative Natural Yogurts

My friend spotted these in Centra, they are dairy free, gluten free and soya free and refined sugar free. We haven’t tried them ourselves yet but great to see them easily available. Price: €2.22. 

The Foodie Market Cacao Brownies

In my local Aldi there is a new free from and health section, which boasts plenty of new free from options. We will probably end up trying out most of these over the next few months in our weekly shop so watch out in the next few Product Watches! So far we’ve tried the Peanut Chocolate Chip Cacao Brownies which are amazing! They also have an Almond & Raisin Cacao Brownie Bar in the same range. They are Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Soya Free and it is €2.49 for a 3 pack. 


Flora Freedom Walnut

Flora Freedom Walnut


I have it on good authority that this new Flora Freedom spread made with walnut tastes really good. Again, we haven’t tried ourselves yet.

Urban Fruit – Baked Fruit

urban fruit

Urban Fruit make baked fruit in small snack packs and larger share packs. The share packs are pictured above. The only ingredient is fruit – Magnificent Mango, Perfect Pineapple and Cheeky Cherry are three of the flavours and they can be found in Tesco for €2.50. These make a great addition to any lunchbox or a handy snack that isn’t sweets.  


Disclaimer: I received the Rule of Crumb products to try out it return for an unbiased review. All other products where tried have been bought myself. All opinions as always are my own. 


That’s it for this month, let me know if you spot anything new and exciting on the shelves in July! 



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