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What new delights have I discovered this month? Well! I’ve been busy putting together a Christmas product watch and an Advent Calendar roundup and I didn’t think I would have enough new stuff to fill my regular product watch too but I seem to be finding new stuff all over the place. I was also sent some items to try this month. 

Alpro Cherry & Alpro Blueberry 500 ml Tubs. 

Alpro Cherry

Alpro have more new products on our shelves this month. I found these in Tesco a couple of weeks ago. The boys were delighted to find large pots of Cherry Yogurt, they absolutely lapped it up. It disappeared in two sittings and the second time they had it with fruit salad. It cost €2.15 in Tesco Ireland.  Also available in Dunnes Stores and SuperValu. 

Alpro Moments 

Alpro Dessert Moments Coconut Dessert Moments

New in the refrigerated dessert aisle, these desserts from Alpro look divine. They come in Coconut and Hazelnut & Chocolate flavours. Dairy Free and Gluten Free. They do contain soy and are a may contain for nuts (no peanuts). Free from dairy and gluten.We have yet to try them but they’ll be on the shopping list for over the Christmas holidays for sure. Available in Tesco and Dunnes Stores. 

Ombar Raw Chocolate 


I was sent this delicious raw chocolate bars and buttons from Ombar Chocolate. I discovered them on twitter and we had tweeted a little and they offered to send us a sample. The chocolate has only a few ingredients, cacao, coconut sugar, cacao butter, fruit and probiotics. The range inludes Coco Mylk, Strawberry Mylk, Lemon & Green Tea, Goji Berry, Cranberry & Mandarin, Dark and Mylk Chocolate buttons and 72% Dark Chocolate and 90% Dark Chocolate. They are Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Vegan. 

The dark chocolate is delicious and the ‘milk’ chocolate which they call mylk went down a treat with the boys. My 5 year old won’t eat dark chocolate much but the 8 year old seems to like all chocolate. My favourite was definitely the Caramel Mylk and the boys one was the Coco Mylk. This is definitely worth having over the Christmas as a standby treat if you’ve dairy free kids, and I bet you’ll find yourself nibbling it yourself too. It can be found in Nourish, Evergreen and other health food shops. It is definitely worth eating yourself too as it is healthier and a pleasure without the guilt.  

Tesco Free From Fromage Frais


Free From Fromage Frais


These have been avaialble in the UK for a while but I found it in Tesco Ireland for the first time this month. We tried the banana and the strawberry flavours and the boys were delighted with their first ever taste of fromage frais! Available in Tesco Ireland for €1.79. They are 10% sugar which is just a little higher than the Alpro fruity yogurts. 


Have you found any new dairy free products on the shelves this month? Let me know if you have! 


Disclaimer: I purchased each of the products myself for review, with the exception of the Ombar chocolate which was sent to me in return for an unbiased review on my product watch. All opinions as always are my own. 


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