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dairy free product watch


Welcome to the dairy free product watch for June & July. What a summer we’ve been having. Is everyone else thrown by the huge change in the pace of life? I’ve been running around trying to do ALL the summer things with the kids in case the weather doesn’t last. Can’t believe the summer we’ve had so far! This product watch is VERY ice-cream heavy, there has been a plethora of new ice-creams and ice-pops on the market that are dairy free and free from. On the ice-pop front they are multi packs and from the supermarkets as opposed to being able to get single ones out and about but it’s so nice to have so much choice that we haven’t tried them all yet! More of this please manufacturers!



Soyummy ALDI Yogurts

Dairy free kids product watch soyummy dairy free yogurts

I do my weekly shop in Aldi and love their products and their increasing selection of dairy free and healthier foods over the last year or two. One of the few things I couldn’t get and was going to other supermarkets regularly for was soya yogurts. Enter the new So Yummy ‘Soyummy’ yogurts from Aldi in 500ml tubs, Vanilla, Blueberry and Natural flavours. These are delicious and the boys very happy with them. I love the 500ml tubs as they are handy for smoothies and with granola for breakfast. If I am sending to school in packed lunch I just put in a smaller container.


Tesco Free From Toffee and Vanilla Cones

These are my favourite of the cornetto style dairy free cones I have tasted. I love the toffee and vanilla flavours and they have chocolate at the bottom, the boys loved them too, they didn’t last very long in the freezer. They are gluten free, dairy free and wheat free. 


Swedish Glace Coconut with a Passion Fruit Twist

Swedish Glace Coconu with Passion Fruit Twist Dairy free product watch

This is a new one from Swedish Glace, or new flavour to us anyway, we haven’t tried yet but it looks divine. It is Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and contains no soya in ingredients. I have posted ingredients below. I found in Dunnes Stores, but I often see Swedish glace stocked in Tesco and SuperValu also.


Dairy free kids product watch swedish glace


HB Gluten Free and Vegan Cornetto


dairy free


We were delighted to find these in Tesco. The boys were thrilled when I took them out of the freezer. They are quite close to the real thing, right down to the chocolate but I found the ice-cream part wasn’t as nice as some other ones I’ve tasted. They are gluten free and dairy free and vegan but are made with soy. It is a good touch that they have highlighted this clearly on the front so you can see straight away if you have an allergy to soy. These are available in 4 packs for the moment, I haven’t seen them sold individually in corner shops and petrol stations but hopefully this will happen in the future!

(May Contain Milk)

Oreo Thins

oreo thins dairy free product watch

Most types of Oreos contain no milk in the ingredients but usually have a ‘may contain milk’ warning. My boys have never had a reaction to them. These new(ish) Oreo Thins are the same, the original and brownie flavours are delicious, I love how easy it is to find Oreos if you are going somwehere and need to bring a safe treat.

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Disclaimer: Everything we tried out was purchased myself. All opinions as always are my own. 

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