Make your own Selection Box and Biscuit Tin

I decided to make my own selection boxes this year. I had plans to do this weeks ago but here I am doing it last minute on Christmas Eve. It’s not too late if you have some free from treats in the house.

First of all, what to put in it. Here’s some of my bits and pieces:

  • Choices Chocolate or Chocolate Orange buttons
  • Choices Caramel sweets
  • Fox’s Party Rings bag
  • Haribo sweets
  • Organix gingerbreadman mini bags
  • Nakd bars
  • Mini lollipops
  • Mini pack of oreos
  • Snowman marshmallows from Aldi
  • Free from chocolate bars


Method 1

The first way is the simplest.

1) Keep the packaging of a normal chocolate selection box. (You could even go so far as to buy one just for the packaging and give the contents to someone who can have dairy chocolate).

2) Then you can fit in any bars or sweets you like into each of the spaces.

Using selection box insert

3) Cover the box with wrapping paper, really well so it still opens like the original box, but you can’t see the pictures of all the dairy chocolate items.

Homemade selection box

Method 2:

1) Find another box that will suit, I do a lot of online shopping so there are many boxes available this time a year. If you can’t find a box then you can just wrap your selection up.


2) Use a piece of cardboard, or the back of a cereal box, and using double sided seloptape or by rolling the selotape stick on each item that you want to include. If you using a box like the one in picture 2 above, you can stick the items to one side and then just fold it over before wrapping it.

3) Pop the insert into the box and wrap the box. You can decorate with stickers etc. if you wish.


Dairy free biscuit tin

The biscuit tin is even easier. Keep an old one, especially important is to keep the insert. Then buy lots of free from biscuits.

dairy free biscuit selection
Note: some of these have trace warnings so check yourself before using. The Party Rings and Mrs. Crimbles and Nairn’s are fully free from.


Insert a few of each biscuit type into the tin insert. Voila, a tin of dairy free biscuits to produce when visitors arrive or to bring with you if you are visiting.


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