Advent Calendars

Ok, I know Halloween’s not even over yet but these are in the shops now and might be sold out closer to December so here goes.

I never had a chocolate advent calendar as a child, we had a cardboard one and the excitement was opening the doors and looking at the pictures underneath, the same pictures as every year previous. Now I keep seeing chocolate advent calendars coming up to Christmas. I had looked the past few years and there was no option with jellies, or anything other than milk chocolate, so I couldn’t buy one for my son. I haven’t even seen a cardboard one with pictures only around. Anyway, this year I have found two dairy free options.

One is really cool but definitely not a runner in my house retailing at around €25. It is Lego CITY Advent calendar, each day has a toy behind it. Love the idea.

Lego Advent Calendar

While travelling yesterday, I popped into Tesco in Newcastle West. Much to my delight, I  found that Choices have made an advent calendar this year. It is dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, egg free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It costs €3.19. I’m sure it will be available in all the health food stores and anywhere that normally stocks Choices products. It looks great, I bought one for my older boy so we’ll see what the reaction is come December.

Choices Advent Calendar

A friend sent me a link to this advent calendar from IKEA. It is my favourite of the three options as you can put whatever you want in the little drawers, jellies or marshmallows or little toys.

Julmys Advent Calendar

*Please note I will always try to ensure items are dairy free at time of publishing posts. However due to manufacturers changes, they may not always stay dairy free. It is always wise to double check at time of purchasing items yourself.*

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