Dairy Free Product Watch January + February 2015

Welcome to the first dairy free product watch of 2015, a combined one for January and February. My husband has been doing much of the grocery shopping lately so I’ve had very few supermarket trips to wander around with my phone taking photos of new stuff. I found a few new gems all the same.

Dairy Free Products

Celebration Cakes from Tesco

Birthday cakes from Tesco. None of these cakes have milk or milk products in the ingredients. So when your little one demands a Frozen or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cake, you can go right out and get one off the shelf if you so wish.


Has No… Chocolate Muffins

These are gluten free and dairy free and can be found in Aldi. They are delicious and reasonably priced. The lemon ones are dairy free and gluten free also.

Has No... Chocolate Muffins
Has No… Chocolate Muffins Image: dairyfreekids
Has No... Chocolate Muffins
Has No… Chocolate Muffins Ingredients  Image: dairyfreekids


Nakd Multi Packs Berry Cherry, Cocoa Loco and Apple Pie

These are dairy free cereal bars, great for the lunchboxes. They are available in Tesco and SuperValu. I’ve seen them for sale singly in the Health Store in Arklow.  They are dairy, wheat and gluten free and made from 100% natural ingredients. They have a refreshingly short list of ingredients. Healthy cereal bars.

Nakd Bars Multipacks
Nakd Bars Multipacks Image: dairyfreekids


Dairy Free Iced Desserts

Thank you to Kristina who sent me some dairy free ice-cream finds. She found the Booja-Booja range of dairy free ice-cream – Hunky Punky Chocolate Flavour, Pompompous Maple Pecan and  Coconut Hullabaloo. She also found the  Zen Zen coconut milk based desserts – Vanilla and Chocolate Flavours. She found all of these in the freezer in The Health Store.


May Contain Milk Products

After Eight Mint Chocolate Bunnies

These are may contain milk but possibly might suit. I love the fact that they are little bunnies. I found them in Dunnes Stores and they are also on Tesco online. My camera had a hissy fit in Dunnes so here’s a stock photo from Tesco’s website.

Image: Tesco
Image: Tesco

Tesco Finest 30% Dark Chocolate Spread

I didn’t have time before pancake Tuesday to get hold of the Plamil Dairy-Free chocolate spread but I was lucky enough to find this may contain milk chocolate spread in Tesco. It was delicious with banana on the pancakes.



Cucina Garlic Baguettes

These garlic baguettes are from ALDI and are may contain milk. My boys are fine with them. They taste delicious with a dairy free lasagne or a bolognese.


Have you found any new dairy free products lately? I would love to hear about them if so.



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