Product Watch April & May 2014

Wot no dairy

An alternative to soya based yogurts, these are made with pea protein and are suitable for milk and soy allergic people. They are more a dessert than a yogurt, they are stored in the press rather than the fridge and are long lasting. We tried Peach and Apricot and Black Cherry. I’m afraid they weren’t a hit with my boys, the 2 year old ate most of it but then decided ‘don’t like it mommy’ and the 5 year old refused after first taste. It does have a strong after taste. If your child is soy and dairy free though you might need to persevere, some of the other flavours might be nicer.

Caramel Alpro desserts

These are new in the range of Alpro desserts. More decadent than the vanilla but not as rich as the chocolate, my boys really liked these caramel ones. Mammy liked them too.


Raspberry Swedish Glace

I have written about this dairy free ice-cream before, but have only ever been able to get it in vanilla. The boys are loving the Juicy Raspberry flavour now too, we got some in SuperValu last week. They also make Rich Chocolate, Wild Blueberry and Neopolitan flavours but we have yet to find these in the shops.

Organic Chocolate spread

Smallchanges in Gorey has started stocking this delicious dairy free gluten free, nut free, chocolate spread.

Sacla Free From Pestos

Sacla  have two new free from products in their range. I haven’t found them in the supermarkets yet but I’m sure we’ll have them soon in places that stock other Sacla products. They are Free From Basil Pesto and Free From Tomato Pesto. They are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Egg Free and Dairy Free. Can’t wait to try them.


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