Alternative Ingredients for Baking Dairy Free


I usually use Stork with the gold wrapper in place of butter. Note that the stork in the white and yellow tub does contain dairy, but the one in the gold wrapper doesn’t. I have used the Pure dairy free spread as a butter substitute also, but prefer the stork if I have it.

Pure Soya


Unsweetened soya milk works a treat as a milk substitute in recipes. Rice milk and oat milk are also perfect. My current favourite is Unsweetened almond milk though. I love it in pancakes and scones

Alpro original from the fridge

For baking I usually use Tesco Ivory Coast Dark Chocolate, as it contains no milk, and although it is 74% cocoa it isn’t too bitter for baking for children. It does carry a may contain warning so if you are worried I would recommend using Moo Free bars or Plamil chocolate which is guaranteed dairy free. These are available in health stores or some large supermarkets. 



It is also possible to use Tesco Free From Choc bar or dairy free chocolate buttons, if you wanted something more similar to milk chocolate, but it works out a lot more expensive.

Tesco Free From Chocolate


I use Alpro Simply Plain yogurt in recipes that calls for natural yogurt such as this one for Porridge Bread

Alpro Simply Plain

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