Recipe: Rice Krispie Buns with a Twist

Rice Krispie buns were always a staple at our birthday parties as kids, I always want to include them for my own kids’ parties. It is difficult to get dairy free ‘milk chocolate’ in any large amount though. Melting down Tesco dairy free ‘milk choc’ bars or Choices buttons would be very costly. I usually make them with dark chocolate. This year I tried melting marshmallows with the chocolate to make the dark chocolate a bit sweeter and I think they turned out pretty well.

You will need:

200g Rice Krispies

200g Dark Chocolate (dairy free) [I used Ryelands dark chocolate from Tesco (note it carries a ‘may contain milk’ warning)]

Bag of marshmallows

Sprinkles to decorate



Melt 15 marshmallows with 200g of dark chocolate over a pot of boiling water. Keep stirring until it is all blended. If it starts to stick, add some boiling water.


melting marshmallow with chocolate
melting marshmallow with chocolate


Pour some rice krispies into a large bowl, I never measure but you want about 100g per 100g of chocolate. You can reduce the amount of rice krispies to make a more chocolatey mix.

Add in your melted chocolate mixture and stir until all the rice krispies are coated.

Spoon into paper cases and add sprinkles to the top. You could also add mini marshmallows or other decorations to the top.

Rice Crispie Buns
Rice Krispie Buns

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