What’s In Your Picnic Basket?



Everyone loves a picnic – blue sky, green grass, gingham picnic blanket, big wicker basket full of the finest food and drink, the great outdoors, loads of lovely food and no washing up. Fabulous! When I say picnic basket I mean a monstrously heavy cool box or sometimes our smaller cool bag. The great outdoors might be an adventure in the woods, sand-filled sambos on the beach or a picnic in the front garden which takes only five minutes to organise on a surprise sunny day. It has been known to rain while we’re picnic-ing. That’s ok too. It’s fun to eat outdoors.

The picnic food consists of rolls, wraps or sandwiches of some sort, usually ham for the boys as they are guaranteed to eat them, and some sort of salad and meat sandwiches for the adults. My dairy free sandwich ideas are here.  I pop in some fruit, berries if I have them or on a more boring fruit bowl day apples or bananas. Sometimes there’s yoghurts too, or soya desserts. There is something about a picnic that makes me want to throw in crisps or biscuits or bars of some sort as a treat too so I usually put in Jammy Dodgers, Jaffa Cakes, Nature Valley oat bars or if we’re very lucky some dairy free home baked treat. To drink I fill the boys drinks bottles with water and we have a flask of tea.



I am fascinated by (and nosey about) what other people bring on picnics. If I’m honest I’d also like some new ideas to brighten our picnics up. To that end I’ve decided to try my first blog link up. You can join in below and share what’s in your picnic basket.


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If you don’t have a blog: E-mail me about what’s in your picnic basket and I will post it up, or comment below.

The linky will close on 31st August.


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