Dairy free shopping trolley from ALDI

So can you do your dairy free shopping in Aldi? Absolutely. I first wrote this post in August 2014. It is 4 years old and one of the most popular posts on the site. Since then Aldi has come on in leaps and bounds for all sorts of dairy free and free from products, so an update is well overdue. Information is now up to date for September 2018. I first wrote the post after someone found my blog having searched for ‘dairy free in ALDI’ so I decided it might be a good idea to actually do a post like this.

Dairy free aldi

I have listed the items under dairy free and ‘may contain milk’ headings. While ALDI don’t have a dedicated free from dairy section, many of the products are naturally dairy free.

Aldi also have published a full list of their products suitable for people avoiding milk and lactose. You can find the information on their Living Lactose Free page. Although the page title refers to just lactose free, the list contains a list of products which do not contain milk.

Dairy free:

The Big Five:

MILK ALTERNATIVES: Soy Milk Unsweetened, Soy Milk Sweetened, Almond MIlk Unsweetened and Almond Milk Sweetened.

YOGURT: Soyummy 500ml tubs – Vanilla, Blueberry or Natural flavours.

Dairy free kids product watch soyummy dairy free yogurts

ICE-CREAM: I haven’t seen them for a while but these coconut based ice-creams are delicious and much better value than orther brands.

They occasionally have sorbets, but some contain milk and some carry ‘may contain milk’ warnings. There are often juice and water based multi packs of ice-pops too which generally are dairy free but always check to be sure.

CHEESE: Currently no dairy free cheeses available in Aldi Ireland

BUTTER: Currently there is no dairy free butter available in Aldi Ireland. Note the baking margarine used to contain no milk but now contains milk.

Here’s a random shopping trolley from one of my weekly shops in Aldi. I will do a new one of these soon and update the post.

Clearly the fruit and vegetables are all dairy free.

Store Cupboard

Corale tinned spaghetti

Premium Baked Beans

Sweet Valley Chopped Tin tomatoes

Pink Salmon

Wild pink salmon

Tuna flakes in brine

Cucina Passata

Grandessa Rhubarb and Vanilla Conserve

The Pantry California Raisins

Sweet Valley Peach snack pots

Wheat Bisks

Grandessa Crunchy Peanut Butter


Ballymore Crust Family Brown Pan

White Pitta Bread

Fridge / Freezer

Soya Unsweetened milk

Wild pink salmon fillets (frozen)

Specially Selected Butcher’s Choice Pork Sausages

Squeezy Real Mayonnaise

Casa Barelli Italian Style Ham Cubes

May Contain Milk Items:

Multigrain Hoops*

Bran flakes*

Cucina Gnocchi*

Corn Cakes*


I hope this will serve as a guide for dairy free products available in ALDI. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, it’s just what I had in my trolley one week. The list Aldi provides is much more complete. Please double check all labels as always as they are always subject to change. Do you have any dairy free favourites from ALDI? I would love to hear about them.

Disclaimer: As always all products ingredients are subject to change at any time. Even if you regularly buy a product always check the label!


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