8 Top Tips for Shopping Dairy Free



Here’s some simple tips for shopping dairy free. It can be daunting when you are knew to shopping dairy free but you will soon be an expert.


  1. Make a safe list as you go – after two or three times shopping for dairy free you will be so used to it – it will be second nature to pick up the correct brands and items.
  2. Learn all the names for your allergen.  From December 2014 manufacturers are required to highlight each of the 14 main allergens when they are an ingredient. There is a list of dairy names here.
  3. Even with your safe brands, double check from time to time as the ingredients can change without notice. Sometimes when they change the packaging will also change so do keep vigilant.
  4. Be aware that a similar product from a different brand might contain milk. E.g. some brands of Rich Tea and Digestive biscuits contain no dairy and some do.
  5. Research online e.g. Tesco online shopping – you can view ingredients online of many of the products so you have a good idea when you’re in store. Be aware that these are subject to change also.
  6. If someone different is doing the shopping ensure to put the brand on shopping list as well as the product.
  7. Be aware of products that you might never think would have milk e.g. liquid soap, processed sliced meats such as ham and chicken etc. There is a list of some items here that contain hidden dairy.
  8. Learn what ‘may contain dairy’ means. This is something manufacturers might put on their ingredients labels. It is usually put on if the product is made in a factory where milk products are used and there is a danger of cross contamination. Some people avoid any products that carry a ‘may contain dairy’ warning, it is wise to get advice from your dietician or allergist. 
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dairy free shopping trolley (he got in there himself btw)



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