Common Allergy Abbreviations and Acronyms


When you read about allergies online or see information on menus on allergies, the words are often abbreviated or acronyms are used. Here are some of the most common.




CF – Coeliac Friendly

CMPI – Cow’s Milk Protein Intolerance

CMPA – Cow’s Milk protein allergy

DF – Dairy Free

EA – Egg Allergy

Epi – Epiniphrine Injector (Epi-Pen)

FA – Food Allergy

FF – Free From

GF – Gluten Free

LF – Lactose Free

LI – Lactose intolerant

LTFA – Life Threatening Food Allergy

MA – Milk Allergy

MFA – Multiple Food Allergies

PA – Peanut Allergy

SFA – Sea Food Allergy

TNA – Tree Nut Allergy

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