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This is not my usual type of post but I’ve been tagged by the lovely Dani from the Lilli White Rose blog. So I’ve been asked to share 26 pieces of information about myself from A to Z. This was a lot harder to write than I thought it would be. And I suspect it’s not a very interesting read but here goes.

A is for Apple, Astronaut, Ant, Alligator (no it’s an aaa aaa alligator, not a c c crocodile). I know all these because we read a Letterland ABC book most nights at the moment at bedtime.

B is for books, books everywhere, I love to read. Just finished We are All Completely Beside Ourselves and The Girl on the Train. At the moment I’m re-reading the Diary of Anne Frank.

C is for computers, I’ve been obsessed since I got my Commodore 64 when I was 10.

D is for David Gray. One of my first websites was a David Gray fansite when I was 17. I once chatted to his drummer after one of his gigs in Galway. I was dying for Dave to come out too but he didn’t. My love of David Gray dwindled when he got very popular and the music less good but the site still exists.

E is for Electric Picnic – my favourite festival. We’ve gone a few times before kids and twice with kids.

2014-08-30 13.20.51
Electric Picnic

F is for family and friends. I am very lucky I have great ones.

G is for Galway, my hometown. I still feel nostalgic when I walk around or drive around the city. G is also for Grandparents, I am lucky enough to have three wonderful grandparents still alive, and I knew all four and also knew my Great Grandma.

H is for house. We designed and project managed the building of our own house.

I is for internet. Slightly obsessed since I first had dial-up when I was 16. I had a website when I was 16 too. Remember Geocities? No? Oh well, just me so.

J is for John my only brother.

K is for Karen and Deirdre my sisters. We’re not all together too often but we make up for it when we are.

L is for Late. I used to be very punctual and since living in the countryside I am nearly always late for everything now. I still worry about being late so I end up with the anxiety of it anyway. I need to just embrace that’s who I am now. Or leave more time to get into town.

M is for Music of course, I spent my teenage years taping songs of the radio and listening to Dave Fanning. I could always be found with a walkman or later a discman on me, and I had my dream job when I was 16 working in a CD shop.

N is for Napoleon Dynamite, my favourite movie to watch and quote with my siblings.

O is for both my lovely boys. Enough said.  :)


P is for purple, my favourite colour.

Q is for quiet. My house is never this, and  I like it that way (mostly).

R is easy. Duh it’s for R.E.M., yes I am still obsessed. I cried when they split up. No more R.E.M. gigs makes Laura a sad girl. I’ve been to see them live 8 times. Twice two days in a row. I queued from lunchtime twice when they were in the Olympia and I ended up right in the front row.

Queuing outside the Olympia
Queuing outside the Olympia
Michael Stipe taken in the Olympia
Michael Stipe taken in the Olympia

S is for star, I doodle stars all the time, and S is also for Special Needs Assistant, my day job.

T is for T.J. my lovely husband. It is also for Tea, the other love of my life.

U is for umbrella. My 3 year old says that is what he wants for his birthday. He has been saying it for about 2 months now and his birthday isn’t until autumn. I have no idea why the fascination with umbrellas.

V is for velux. I have two velux windows above my bed. I would love to say I look out at the stars at night but when I take off my glasses I can’t see the stars, so I have to lie in bed with the glasses on in the dark to see them. But it’s still beautiful.

W is for What About Bob? Another favourite film from growing up. Me and K used to watch it lots.

X is for Xenophobic – my 6 year old wrote this in his homework for his X page in his writing book. He looked it up in the dictionary because xylophone doesn’t have the correct ‘x’ phonic. Of course! I didn’t catch it on time it went in to be corrected.

Y is for yawn. I had a teacher who used to fine us for yawning. The money went into the Trocaire box. That year i learnt to yawn with my mouth closed. I’m still quite skilled at it! I forgot one day though and had a big yawn. She thought I was pretending to yawn and fined me double. I was so upset at the injustice of it all.

Z is for Za, and Zo and Zebra all lovely Z words I make when playing Scrabble. I love Scrabble I play online all the time, make a few moves every night. I’m not obsessed or anything but some of my family members get me a lot of scrabble related gifts. I do love my L mug the best though!

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