Electric Picnic with the dairy free kids

We brought the dairy free kids to Electric Picnic last week. We had an amazing weekend, absolutely. I had plenty of snacks in my backpack each day for picnics, but we found plenty of options for lunches, dinners and desserts over the weekend too.

For snacks I brought apples, pears, raisins, original Hula Hoops, Nature Valley Oat bars, Alpro vanilla desserts, ginger nut biscuits, jellies, smoothies and juice pouches.

The first night we ate falafel wraps and chicken wraps, the boys were big fans. On the Saturday we got delicious food from Saba – Phad Thai, crispy chicken and vegetable spring rolls all dairy free.


And for dessert, Golden Hill ice-creams had a huge sorbet selection. They washed the spoon in boiling water before putting out the sorbet once I asked them if it was dairy free.

wildberry sorbet


On Sunday my older boy turned 6, I had meant to bring along some store bought dairyfree treats but had forgotten. I began a day-long quest to find dairy free cake.

My first stop was a gluten free bakery in the Mindfield area, I was hoping some of their cakes would be dairy free as well as gluten free. No such luck but they did have dairy free sandwiches and crisps to offer. We didn’t indulge as I was seeking cake at the time.

For dinner that day we had burgers and hot dogs from a charcoal barbeque. The frankfurters contained dairy but they halved one of the big dairy free sausages for my sons’ hot dogs.

Later in the day I continued my quest for cake – I tried some of the cafes in the Eco village, one of which had courgette brownies and other fancy cakes but nothing dairy free. In the late afternoon we spent some time in Body & Soul, our first stop was the Tiny Tea Tent. They had had dairy free cake but had run out before we got there. I was getting closer! We had some tea and coffee in real mugs there anyway and the kids had treats from my bag, nature valley bars and apples.


I tried one more cafe and they pointed me to the next tent up – Natasha’s Raw & Living Foods. BINGO. And what a choice of everything they had.  Everything was gluten, dairy, egg and wheat free. We had already had dinner so we were just after cake. I chose a raw chocolate brownie (it may have been called something else but I can’t remember). It was delicious, so rich and chocolatey.



All in all it was totally possible to eat dairy free for a whole three days at Electric Picnic. So much choice we didn’t get to try half the stuff. Looking forward to next year already!


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