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Saba is a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant in Dublin city centre. They also have a take away in Rathmines in Dublin. Saba and Saba To Go have recently partnered with Erika Doolan from Nutrition Ireland and have come up with a new look menu which includes low calorie dishes, paleo friendly dishes, gluten free and dairy free options.

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The new notation on their menu is as follows:

SS – Saba Slim – this denotes dishes of 250 calories or less.

SL – Saba Light – indicates that the portion is of 400 or fewer calories.

V – Vegetarian

PF – Paleo Friendly – Paleo is dairy free, wheat free, soya free, and legume free.

All the food at Saba and Saba to go is naturally dairy free unless otherwise stated on the menu. This is such a bonus to anyone dairy free. Imagine not having to worry while choosing your meal. A wide range of the dishes are gluten free and if you see a dish that is not gluten free, they can modify most dishes if you just ask.

Another huge attraction is that Saba have recently introduced Nobó dairy free ice-cream as a dessert option on their menus. I am simply dying to visit a restaurant and let my boys have ice-cream for dessert. a simple pleasure but definitely worth a trip to Dublin for.

All Saba meals are low glycemic load which means they will keep you full for longer, another bonus when you’re trying to eat as healthily as possible. There is also an option of brown rice with any of the dishes.

I have eaten in Saba a few times myself, actually the last time my dairy free kid was only a few months old. The food is delicious and the atmosphere wonderful. As far as I remember it needs to be booked in advance as it is very popular.

In this day and age it is common to have many different diets within the one family. In my family we have one or two adults on a low-calorie diet, two dairy free children and one adult who is allergic to onions. It is wonderful to see a restaurant taking different diets and lifestyles into account and becoming a restaurant for all the family. This is the future of dining out! I cannot wait to bring my family there next time I’m in Dublin city.

Saba 26-28 Clarendon Street, Dublin 2 Phone 01-6792000.

Saba To Go 13 Rathgar Road, Rathmines Dublin 6, Phone 01-4060200.


Disclosure: I was not paid to write this review, all opinions are my own.


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