Restaurant Watch April 2015


Since the new allergy regulations in December [2014], many restaurants have upped their game with regards to allergy awareness and information, and some have simply stayed the same. People with allergies and dietary needs are welcoming the improvements when they find them and I have decided to start a restaurant watch series where I can mention places that readers have told me have dealt with their allergies well.

Nationwide Chains


McDonald’s has long been at the top of it’s game with allergy information. This sheet is at the back of the tray liner and outlines all their regular menu and the allergens the items contain.

McDonald's Allergy Info Sheet
McDonald’s Allergy Info Sheet

Co. Dublin

Rustic Stone

I’ve been to Rustic Stone twice, neither time with the children, but I am so impressed with their well laid out menu with information on allergens, which dishes are low fat and plenty of other information. Everything on the menu has little codes after it and the codes represent dairy-free, gluten-free, low fat etc. This is very clear and easy to understand. I haven’t tasted the dairy-free desserts on the menu but they look amazing.

Rustic Stone Raw Desserts
Rustic Stone Raw Desserts

Co. Meath

The Spire Restaurant,  Duleek.


Co. Wicklow

Platform Pizza Bar, Strand Rd., Bray.



Co. Wexford

Partridge’s Bistro, Main Street Gorey.

This is my favourite place for coffee or lunch in Gorey. They have recently updated their menus with a number system, each of the 14 allergens has a number and the numbers are listed after each dish on the menu. I asked for the breakfast salad and they modified it for me to make it dairy free. They are very friendly and professional and well able to deal with allergens.

Partridge’s Breakfast Menu
dairy free breakfast salad
Poached egg and breakfast salad



Thanks to the members of dairy free Ireland Facebook page for some of these recommendations. I would love to hear from you if you’ve discovered a restaurant which has dealt well with allergens. Let’s spread the word.


Disclaimer: Normally I say all opinions my own, but in this case some of the opinions have come from readers of the blog and posters on dairy free Ireland.

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