Galway Food Festival – The Skeff Bar Breakfast Review

In Galway we love our festivals, when I’m not there for one I always have fomo (fear of missing out!). I was excited to go to Galway on Saturday last as the 5th annual Galway Food Festival was on from 24th – 28th March. It is always on over Easter weekend and has been getting bigger and better each year. I was asked to pop into The Skeff Bar & Kitchen for breakfast during the Food Festival as part of a collaboration with Into the West Blogging Network


I was delighted to do a restaurant review in Galway, my home town. I don’t live there anymore but am always delighted to visit! I had been to the Skeff plenty of times but not for quite a while and never for breakfast. The Skeff bar is in a super central location in Galway city, right on Eyre Square. It is known as Galway’s Meeting Place and for a good reason, it’s a very convenient, relaxed place to meet up with friends. 

As it was Easter Weekend and we were on holidays in the west, the whole family came with me. We arrived at 11.30am on Saturday morning and it wasn’t too busy, apparently we had missed the morning rush which suited us, we found a quiet booth and weren’t too near anyone else (in case my two boys were acting up! :)) As it is a bar, it is quite relaxed and casual which suits for bringing the boys. It is a large area with different types of seating so you can find what suits you best. The atmosphere is casual and friendly. 

The menu is traditional breakfast fare – full Irish breakfast, mini Irish breakfast, American style pancakes, Bacon and Cheese scones, vegetarian breakfast and a selection of pastries. I was very happy to see numbered allergens on the menu and each item on the menu had numbers of which allergens it contained. This is a common method of denoting the 14 allergens and is easy to follow.

Allergen Number Guide
Allergen Number Guide


 I ordered a full Irish, my husband ordered American style pancakes and for the boys I ordered a breakfast plate where I could choose what they wanted, they both had a fried egg, 2 sausages and a rasher. I explained to the staff about the boys’ milk allergy and they were happy there were no milk products in what they had ordered. We also had tea and coffee for the adults and toast for the table. They provided a delicious blackcurrant jam for the toast as an alternative to the dairy-containing butter and margarine provided.


Our food arrived very quickly. The full Irish breakfast was just that, it was huge! 2 eggs, 2 sausages, 2 rashers, mushrooms, fried potato, tomato and a black and white pudding. It was very tasty, not too greasy and cooked fresh. The boys’ breakfasts were a smaller version and they cleared their plates which is as good a compliment as you can get from little people. I had a taste of the pancakes, they were very tasty also.  

I was happy to find a new family friendly, relaxed place for breakfast in Galway. The staff was very friendly and allergy aware which is always a necessity when we go out to eat. I appreciated the allergens labelled clearly on the menu too. The breakfast was very good and I will be back to try them out for lunch or dinner next time I’m in the city. 


Lunch Board
Lunch Board

Please note: I was given a breakfast voucher and a small fee for the purpose of this review. As always all opinions are honest and completely my own, or in this case the whole dairy free kids family.

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