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Dairy Free Product Watch September

Who can believe September is over already. It’s been busy with boys back to school, back to full work days and darker mornings. I managed to squeeze in a few days for myself on retreat in France, I now think it should be a mandatory thing to do in busy September!

September seems to be birthday party season for us, not only with the two boys’ birthdays falling in late August and early September, but all their friends too, so a lot of my dairy free selections this month are handy party treats.

Free Margarine

Free Margarine

The packaging is so similar to the Pure Spreads that I thought it was the same brand for a while. Here is another dairy free margarine, this one is made with rapeseed oil. Available in Tesco, Dunnes and other big supermarkets.

Tesco Free From Rocky Road

Free From Mini Rocky Road Bites

These Rocky Road chunks are dairy free, egg free, wheat free and gluten free. They have sultanas and marshmallow pieces. The boys loved them of course. What’s not to love. The only downside is they are a bit pricey at €3.99 per tub. Available in the free ftom aisle in Tesco.

Veg In Creme Cacao

Creme de cacao vegin

This is quite close to Nutella in taste but has a weird sticky consistency. I guess that’s why it’s creme de cacao rather than a ‘chocolate spread’. Delicious on pancakes though! It is free from dairy, but does contain soya and is available in SuperValu and health stores.

Tesco Free From Eclairs

Tesco Free From Chocolate Eclairs

I tasted these quite a long time ago at the free from food awards, but hadn’t seen them locally until recently. You can find them in the freezer in Tesco. They’re delicious, and free from dairy, wheat and gluten.

Tesco Free From Giant Buttons

tesco chocolate buttons

These Giant Free From chocolate buttons are gluten free, wheat free and dairy free and found in the Free From aisle in Tesco. They come in a 300g bag, so should last a while as treats if you are giving a few at a time to kids. I used to make rice krispie buns for a birthday party lately, they are perfect for this too.


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Dairy Free Product Watch September


Disclaimer: Everything we tried out was purchased myself apart ftom the Veg In Creme de Cacao which was gifted by SuperValu. All opinions as always are my own.

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