Dairy Free Product Watch July 2016

This product watch is well overdue, the last few months have been way too busy!  Here are a few things that caught my interest lately in the shops. 

Koko Coconut Yogurts

koko yogurts

We tried the new coconut based yogurts from Koko. These are Dairy and soya free. The boys picked the Peach and Passion Fruit and Strawberry flavours.  They loved them. I didn’t even get a taste as they were gone before I realised! At €3 for 2 packs of 2 on offer and €1.75 normally for a pack of 2 they are definitely on the pricey side.  It is wonderful to see a dairy and soya free option for yogurt make it on to the shelves of the main supermarkets! I found them in Dunnes Stores. The other flavours are Coconut & Lemon and Raspberry.  

Low Low Avocado and Low Low Coconut Spreads



These spreads are dairy free and one is made with coconut oil and the other with avocado. 
At €2 for 250ml, they are more expensive than regular spreads. I haven’t tasted myself yet but the boys had some of the avocado based one recently in a sandwich and didn’t comment one way or another. They are with the margarine in the fridge section in the supermarkets. 


Nature Valley Oats and Chocolate

Nature Valley Oats & Chocolate
Nature Valley Oats & Chocolate



I’ve written about these oat bars before, they pretend to be healthy but really have quite a high sugar content but they are lovely for a lunchbox on treat day or a treat now and again. They launched a few new flavours – Coconut, Oats and Berries, and I was surprised to see an Oats and Chocolate option. I was expecting to see MILK in capital letters on the ingredients but no! The boys were delighted to have them for a treat one day when we were at an event and all the food contained milk. I brought them to the shop and they bought these, they were very excited. 

Alpro Growing Up Drink

Alpro Growing Up Drink
Alpro Growing Up Drink

This is a repackage and a rename of Alpro’s ‘toddler’ milk. It is aimed at 1-3 year olds and has less sugar than the regular Alpro soya milk.

Alpro Coconut Chocolate Flavour


I haven’t spotted these before, single serve coconut chocolate drinks by Alpro.They are 330ml and cost 1.75 in Dunnes Stores and can be found in the fridge.


Have you found any new dairy free products lately? 


Disclaimer: I have not been asked to feature or write about any of these products and have not been paid to do so. All opinions our own.


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