Product Watch October 2014

Annabel Karmel Tasty Tomato Rice & Corn Snacks

These are like a cross between rice cakes and crisps. I found them in Lidl lately and they were my 3 year old’s bribe treat after being good in the supermarket. He loved them so much I didn’t even get to taste one.


Alpro Strawberry & Rhubarb Yogurts

Available in the 500ml size tubs, this flavour has been available in my local Dunnes for the past month or so. It is absolutely delicious.


 Marks and Spencer Made Without Dairy Dark Chocolate Lollies

Dairy free chocolate in child-friendly packaging. What more needs to be said really. The boys were delighted with these.

M&S Dark Chocolate Lollipops
M&S Dark Chocolate Lollipops


ALDI Has No… Gluten Free Lemon Muffins

I’ve no photo of the actual muffins but these are large muffins, in the gluten free range in ALDI. They are lemon flavoured with large sweet crystals on top. There is lemony gooey stuff in the middle. They are also dairy free although it doesn’t say so on the packaging. I brought some for my son in his party lunchbox when we went to a birthday party lately and he was delighted with it.

Has No.. Lemon Muffins
Has No.. Lemon Muffins

Moo Free Crunchy Banana Bar

Chocolate with a difference, this chocolate has pieces of dried banana in it, making for a very interesting flavour. Yum! Again my boys loved it.


Carleton Iced Madeira Cakes

These madeira cakes contain no dairy and were a quick fix to bring to a birthday party lately. At only €1 they were very good value also. I got them in my local Dunnes Stores.


Iced Madeira Cakes
Iced Madeira Cakes


Have you found any nice new dairy free products lately?

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