Dairy Free Shopping Trolley from Tesco

Dairy Free Shopping Trolley From Tesco

One of the most visited blog posts on my site is dairy free shopping trolley from ALDI. It’s quite a while since I wrote it and I always meant it to be a series and to do one from each supermarket. Today it is Tesco’s turn. I did a half shop today in Tesco, mostly bits and pieces I’ve been meaning to stock up on for a while. Here is a photo of my shop.

dairy free shopping from Tesco
dairy free shopping from Tesco

Everything I bought here is dairy free.


Fruit & Veg

The fruit and vegetables are all dairy free.


Store Cupboard

Kellogg’s Cornflakes


Tesco Free From Chocolate Buttons


Tesco Value Strawberry Jam

Alpro Gingerbread Man Desserts



New York Cinnamon & Raisin Bagels

Tesco Healthy Living Whole & White Wraps


Fridge / Freezer

Tesco Free From Raspberry & Passionfruit

Alpro Plain with Coconut

Meade Irish Rooster Straight Cut Frozen Chips

Tesco Omega 3 Fish Fingers


Tesco has a huge huge range of dedicated dairy free items and also stuff that is naturally dairy free.  This is not an exhaustive list by any means, it’s just a snapshot of what I had in my trolley this week. Please double check all labels as they are always subject to change.

Tesco have a wonderful list of all their chilled free from stuff: Tesco Free From Range – dairy free. I haven’t seen many of the items in Tesco stores in Ireland though, let me know if you spot the cheese spreads or the milkshakes!

What are your dairy free favourites from Tesco? I would love to hear about them.

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