Product Watch April & May 2017

It’s a while since I’ve done a product watch, I have been busy taking photos around supermarkets again though and have some exciting new finds for you all! Hopefully you are already seeing these on the supermarket and health food shelves near you!

Aldi Free From Coconut Ices

This is a big one, pint sized ice-cream tubs available in Aldi. They are made with coconut and come in two flavours – Coconut Cream and Chocolate Coconut Cream. They are milk free, vegan and soya free. We have yet to taste them but I hear they taste great! 


Tesco Free From Chocolate Chip Cookies


These are just delicious, so close to everyday chocolate chip cookies, the boys love them. And they disappear as fast as regular choc chip cookies too! These are Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Milk Free and Egg Free.  [Warning: Tesco Free From also do a Free From Chocolate Chunk Cookies in similar packaging which are NOT dairy free] 


Koko Strawberry Milk

I have a big fan of these, we were in our favourite health store Mrs. Bee’s and he loaded his arms with as many as he could carry. I let him buy 4, two each for him and his brother. They are dairy free and soya free and come in a 250ml carton with a straw.   


Alpro Plain with Oats

Another newcomer in the Alpro yogurt range, new Plain with Oats yogurt. We haven’t tried this one yet just spotted it today. 


May Contain Milk Products

Aldi Oat Bites

These bags of honey granola bites are delicious, great for a snack for school when I run out of ideas. The bag contains several servings – about 6 I think. They are quite sweet so still a treat rather than a healthy snack as such but I can think of a lot worse to put in the lunchboxes. They are a may contain for peanuts, nuts, egg, milk other gluten sources. The boys didn’t react to them but please be wary of the may contain warnings. 


These new Oreo flavours – Strawberry Cheesecake, Golden and Mint Oreos are all may contain milk. Again, please be careful about may contain labels. 


Have you found any new free from products lately? Be sure to let me know! 


Disclaimer: I have not been asked to write about any of these products or given products to try. Any we’ve tried have been at my own expense and all opinions as always are my own. 


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