Our Week in Dairy Free Dinners

I love reading the Week in Dinners series on Bumbles of Rice. It is fun reading what she makes for her family and often a source of ideas and inspiration. There is currently a linky on her site so lots of people are now sharing their own ‘week in dinners’. I am delighted to be taking part. Pop over here to read what everyone else is eating. Here’s our week in dinners in the style of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


On Monday, we ate through….

Mashed baby potatoes, frozen peas, baked beans and sausages. A quick and easy dinner for the first day back at work and school after the Easter holidays. I forgot to take a picture, so you’ll just have to use your imaginations. :)


On Tuesday, we ate through…

Pork and apple burgers and green salad. The boys had white hot dog rolls with theirs and we made them into burgers. They also had some leftover mash from Monday. Daddy cooked as I had to go out to a class and then book club on Tuesday evening, I was real disappointed to be missing this dinner.

Pork and Apple Burgers
Pork and Apple Burgers


On Wednesday, we ate through…

Chicken Stirfry on thin noodles. Mmm mmm mmm. The adults drizzled on sweet chilli sauce, and the boys ate it plain. The two year old pulled apart the mange tout and took out the little beans. He played with the mini sweetcorns, said they were the snowman’s nose. He fed the noodles to the dog. Thank heavens he already had dinner at creche.

On Thursday, we ate through….

Pork chops, marinaded in jerk spice and olive oil, baby potatoes with carrots and green beans. Quick, easy and everyone ate it.

Pork, baby potatoes and carrots and green beans
Pork, baby potatoes and carrots and green beans


On Friday, we ate through…

There’s nothing like 1/3 off steak in Supervalu to guarantee I’ll bring home steak for dinner on a Friday. My husband cooked this dinner too. The chips were McCain’s 3% fat rustic oven chips (only 2 ingredients: potatoes and sunflower oil). Clean plates all round.

On Saturday, we ate through…

I had planned the first bbq of the year. This happened:

Misty May Day

It looked like this outside early afternoon. So the barbeque became oven cooking indoors. We had the inlaws over. I bought prepackaged bbq meat in Supervalu and made my own beef burgers. I served with salad, baguette and corn on the cob. For afters we had eton mess, with strawberries – the boys had theirs with Swedish Glace ice-cream and everyone else had whipped cream.



On Sunday, we ate through…

My lovely mother in law had us over for Sunday dinner. We had roast pork, mashed and roasted potatoes, carrot and parsnip mash, cabbage, broccoli, turnip and gravy. What a feast. Dessert was homemade apple and rhubarb tart and custard. Granny had made the tart with stork so the boys were delighted to get some. The boys had their own soya custard with theirs.


I don’t plan dinners in advance, I always mean to but it rarely happens. I’ve just realised we had pork 5 times this week! This wouldn’t normally happen, I do try to balance it. I enjoyed looking back over what we ate, maybe it will encourage me to be a bit more organised and plan better. The idea of this linky was to be honest and show what real people eat, so here it is.

Bumbles of Rice Linky


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