Halloween Trick or Treats


Halloween is another holiday that is filled with sweets and can be a cause of anxiety to us parents of children with food intolerance and allergies. It is just one day, but a year’s worth of sweets can arrive in your house in just a few hours. Most dangerously, these are sweets you haven’t picked out and okay-ed yourself, other people have bought them so it’s important to know what is and isn’t suitable so you can quickly steal out what’s not alright for your child to eat.

Halloween Shelf in my local supermarket
Halloween Shelf in my local supermarket


Here’s some tips that might make it easier:

  • If you are bringing your child trick or treating and they are old enough to understand that they aren’t allowed certain sweets they might receive, give them a reminder pep talk before going out.
  • If they are likely to have a meltdown later when you remove all the chocolate, have some dairy free chocolate or other favourite treats on hand at home to swap them with.
  • If your child is young enough you might be able to covertly remove the chocolate.
  • Buy only dairy free goodies for your house for giving at the door, so that your child can see other children being given the same treats that they are allowed.
  • If your children are young and you are going to relatives’ houses buy the stuff for them to give the kids, maybe the following year they’ll buy the right stuff themselves.

Dairy free treats:



Haribo Spooky Ghosts

Maoam Party Mixx

Natural Confectionary Company Sour Tricks

Haribo Mini Mix



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