10 Things I’ve Learnt as an (Allergy) Mammy

I am really enjoying Learner Mama’s Linky – Ten Random things I’ve learnt in Motherhood. I love reading the lists and then saying, ‘oh yeah I really identify with number 5 or number 8’. I am delighted to be taking part, some of the things I’ve learned are relevant to being an allergy mom but most are just being a mother in general. Don’t forget to have a look at the other posts in the linky too.

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1. I sometimes give my child things because they can have it rather than because it’s good for them.

I would have thought I’d be the type of parent who wouldn’t ply my kids with sweets and rubbish. I was so careful breastfeeding for as long as I could, being super careful with weaning making sure to give the savoury foods first, ensuring my children drink lots of water, not sweet drinks etc. However as they cannot have dairy I definitely find myself buying things that are solely things they can have rather than something they should have.


2. Leading by example is always best.

Eating cheese or chocolate in front of the boys is not fair, especially as the older one remembers cheese and used to love it. The same is true with exercise, drinking water, tidying, anything I might wish to teach my kids. It always works better if they see me doing it too.


3. Pick your battles.

I don’t have the choice to pick battles when a food stuff will make my child sick, it’s a definite ‘No, you can’t have it, it will make your tummy sore’. However, picking battles is a great way to avoid the tantrums sometimes on things that are not so important. Yes, I’ll insist on hand-washing or wearing a coat, but if I’ve already poured the cereal into a blue bowl and his highness decides only a ‘norange’ one will do, so be it.


4. My kids are just like me and my husband. 

I listened in genetics lectures, this shouldn’t be such a surprise to me right? My children surprise me time and again by being able to push my buttons exactly, by being as annoying as I am or as annoying as my other half (Sorry daddy!). They also have our good points too though.


5. Go nowhere without snacks and drinks.

Many times while out and about, an argument, a potential tantrum, a continuous moan or shouting while you’re trying to drive can all be solved by handy snacks which you brought along in your handbag. As an allergy mom there are even more situations where these snacks are lifesavers. Arriving at someone’s house and out comes the plate of contraband biscuits, it’s always better to have your own stash in your bag. A randomer in the park offers your child a chocolate or crisps they can’t have is another time when the bag of snacks are very important.


6. People are always going to think you are making it up or your child is fussy.

Grandad was a dairy farmer, daddy drank unpasteurised milk straight out of the milk tank, how on Earth could our kids be cow’s milk protein intolerant? Unfortunately, this does seem to be an attitude. Especially so with the older generation. ‘Sure a little bit would be grand’. My child usually does want the milk products he can’t have, it has nothing to do with being fussy.


7. If you want your kids to wake up from a nap, sit down with a book and a nice cup of tea. 
8. I’m able to cope with a lot less sleep than I ever thought possible.

Reflux, undiagnosed intolerance, normal baby night-waking. Not much fun, but I can do it.

9. Orange juice or something equally sticky will always spill just after I’ve washed the floors.


10. The simple act of sitting on the floor playing with my boys or reading a story with them is magic.

This can calm the boys right down and turn a cranky evening into a much more pleasant one. This is all they really want.



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