Ten must haves for holidaying in a mobile home

So after two holidays staying in a mobile home with small kids, I have come to the conclusion that these ten things are essential to bring with you:

1) Bath mat – a small towel will do for this, but slippy floors all week if you forget to bring one. Don’t forget hand towel and tea towel also. Bring smallest ones you have if packing light.

2) A roll of freezer or zip lock bags and a roll of bin bags. Handy for everything – snacks, stuff to keep dry on beach, wet clothes coming home from pool etc.

3) Anti-bacterial wipes – handy for wiping surfaces, baby equipment if you travelling with a baby. Just useful to have.

4) A few clothes pegs. Handy for hanging stuff outside or securing table cloth outside.

5) 2 packs of fairy tabs or similar. I crumbled small bits of these into a basin with some water to wash clothes. I’m not suggesting you will be doing lots of laundry on holidays, just handy to have for essentials.

6) Some tea bags and enough coffee for first morning if you due to arrive late. If you must have your Barry’s or Lyons tea then bring enough for the whole stay.

7) Small packs of tissues, one toilet roll and plenty of baby wipes.

8) One or two stock cubes good idea in case you want to cook or make easy pasta to go with bbq for kids.

9) Small bars of soap for bathroom and kitchen sinks, I might’ve taken one from my last hotel stay to use for this purpose. :)

10) A brillo pad or scourer for cleaning the bbq.


Mobile Home Essentials

Other tips: If you have a baby who’s crawling or it’s wet outside at all it is good to have a ‘no shoe policy’ in the mobile. Make all family members remove shoes before coming in. This helps to keep the floors a bit cleaner.

Your neighbours are a lot closer than in real life. Ahem, my husband reminded me of this fact after shouting at kids like I normally do at home.

Unpacking everything and putting away the suitcases means its a lot easier to keep place tidy which is a must in a small place with little people around.

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