Isn’t it just lovely to have a choice – Inclusion and Food Allergies

I’ve written about inclusion for those with food allergies before, how in parent’s eyes the safety is always primary concern but in the child’s eyes not being left out is one of the most important things to them. The simple thing most kids take for granted, of being able to have the same as everyone else at a party or when out. As parents we can control what is in our house to make sure there is little room for exclusion ever at home. But everything out of the house has to be thought about in advance. 

There is a big coffee shop culture in our town of Gorey, Co. Wexford which boasts more than 15 coffee shops. I have watched my friends bring their kids for babychinos and such things as a treat, and dreamed of getting such a cool treat for my boys. I have sometimes brought my boys for coffee with their own treats in my bag as I know there’ll be nothing on the cake menu they can have. I always try to minimise situations where they feel left out. The display of amazing cakes behind a glass pane is a wonder to any child. It feels like it’s not really fair to walk past and then say no here you can have this from my bag instead. Don’t get me wrong, I’d be saying no a lot if they didn’t have food allergies. It wouldn’t be an every-week treat or anything. In the grand scheme of things it’s not a big deal at all and the boys have learnt to deal with it, the 5 year old especially knows it’s worse to feel sick and will always double, triple check if something has dairy. 

You can imagine my delight when I heard of a new venture in Gorey – Safe Cakes. A coffee shop with – you got it- allergy safe cakes. It is a coffee shop with cakes free from allergens. They offer cakes made to order free from any or all of the top 14 allergens and you can also sit down with tea or coffee in pretty cups and saucers and enjoy any of the cakes available on the day. 

The day we went in there every single cake on offer was dairy free. This was a game changer for us. The boys could have any of the pretty cakes they wanted. Any. Of. Them.  My 5 year old kept asking over and over if he really could? And then he’d ask again ‘does this have dairy?’ This might not sound like a deal if you’ve never thought about this before. And sure why would most people give it a second thought. It was a monumental treat for the boys. The being able to choose was nearly as important as the scrummy cakes. 

Both boys chose the cheese cake which was made with tofu and coconut cream, delicious. I had a brownie and my husband had Victoria sponge. Everything was delicious. Something else which was brand new was being able to share. The boys could taste ours, this was a lovely thing to be able to do for the first time too. 

First ever Cheesecake

I am so happy to have this gem of a coffee shop in our little town of Gorey, I hope everyone gives it their support, and it’s another reason to come to the Sunny South East for your holidays! 

Some people online have given me recommendations for some other places offering great free from selections of desserts around the country: 

Urban Health Ranelagh

Antoinettes Bakery, Kevin St, Dublin

Gluttony, Blackrock, Dublin

Vintage Cafe Clondalkin

Nico’s Cafe and Restaurant Clondalkin

The Kitchen, Spanish Arch Galway. 

Made to Order Cakes:

Safe Cakes Gorey

Candlewood Bakery Clondalkin 

Miam Bakery Cork

Do you have any other fab places to add to this list?  Be sure to let me know in the comments. 


I’m sharing this post with Free From Fridays 

Disclaimer: I was not asked to write about Safe Cakes or any of the other places mentioned and all opinions as always are my own.  


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