Scott Simplissimo Chef All in One Blender

Scott Simplissimo All in One Blender

I have a love hate relationship with kitchen gadgets, while I love my airfryer and health grill, I also hate that they take up valuable real estate on the kitchen counter. Last year I invested in a smoothie maker which gets used every day so I’m happy for that to live on the counter though. When Scott, a company new to the UK, asked if I’d like to review their Simplissimo Chef, I wasn’t sure if I wanted yet another gadget  on my counter but my curiosity got the better of me.  It promised to make soup, sauces, steam food and cook sous vide as well as crush ice, make smoothies and much more! 

The appliance itself is very high end. It is a lovely shiny black colour with easy to use preset buttons and a 1.75l glass jug. It also has feet so is very sturdy when blending and is much quieter than many other blenders. The jug does not come apart from the electrics so to wash you need to use the ‘auto clean’ function by filling it with 1.2l water and a squirt of washing up liquid. Initially I wasn’t thrilled that you can’t wash it easily but the cycle just takes 5 minutes and then the inside of jug is super clean. I especially this as it is likely I will occasionally blend dairy items, I can be sure of a thorough clean before using it for food for the boys. 

I loved the idea of a soup maker and it hasn’t disappointed. Within 30 minutes you can have a jug of piping hot soup prepared, no messing, no separate blender. Simply chop your ingredients, add your stock and herbs, pinch of salt and pepper and let it do it’s thing. You can set it to chunky or smooth soup and it does the rest itself. If you want the depth of flavour, it is best to fry onions or garlic first then pop in the machine, but I have used it several times and it’s given me a healthy lunch in 30 minutes.  


I also tested it out for making smoothies. Again, it worked like a dream. I find it more suitable for making large amounts for the whole family rather than just one or two though due to the size of the jug. It had no problem blitzing through frozen strawberries, and everything was smooth and perfect using the 1 minute setting. 


I have yet to use the steam function but am looking forward to steaming broccoli and carrots with it and the jug is plenty big enough to feed a family of four. If I had to pick something to be negative about it would be the size of the jug, it is very big say for just one smoothie or a small amount of pesto etc. This becomes a positive when making something like soup though. There are so many functions it will take me a while to try them all, I am looking forward to trying many more recipes with it, and I think it will be taking residence on my kitchen counter for a long time to come. 

The Scott Simplissimo Chef All in one Cook Blender retails at £159 and is available direct from their site, and will soon be available from


Disclaimer: I was offered a Simplissimo Chef in return for an honest review. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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