Our Top Picks for Netflix this Winter

I haven’t done a Netflix roundup for a while, here’s what we are curling up on the couch to watch this weather.. 

Top Picks for the 4 year old

Animal Mechanicals – I’m delighted to see this on Netflix, the boys love it. My older boy used to watch it a few years ago. My favourite character is Sasquatch. He’s Mechana-stretchy you know! 

animal mechanicals


Dino Trux is the biggest hit in our house at the moment.  They are trucks that are also dinosaurs, what’s not to love! There is plenty of action and the boys love it.  The usual episodes are 20 minutes long but they also have 5 minute clips too which are great for the ‘just one more cartoon…’ moments. 




Peppa Pig
I know there’ll come a day when the boys won’t watch Peppa anymore, but for now it’s still a winner even though my youngest is now 4! It’s funny that my 7 year old can be content to sit and watch this too sometimes. I’m getting a little tired of seeing episodes over again, but I still get an odd giggle when I see one I haven’t seen before.


Top Picks for the 7 year old

Denis the Menace. Since Aunty Kit bought him his first Beano annual last Christmas, he can often be seen with his head in the book giggling away. He was delighted to find Denis on Netflix and it is a firm favourite now.

Horrid Henry – The same goes here, he read the books first now loves the series. 

Dinotrux – this is a winner with the big boy too! Peace and quiet when I can get the two to agree! 

My Top Picks

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – this is my new FRIENDS, lighthearted silly comedy. It’s a nice 30 minute diversion.

Dexter – I’ve been a fan of Dexter for years. I have been binge watching for the past month or two and finally finished it. In case you’ve never seen it, it’s a crime series about a forensic scientist who is also a serial killer. Sounds a bit far fetched? Well it is a little but I thoroughly enjoyed it. 



The Good Wife – this is my new Desperate Housewives, it’s not too heavy, love to watch this curled up on a night when himself is away or busy playing computer games. There is about a billion episodes, I’ve been watching it a lot lately.


Top Picks for Daddy

When Daddy gets a look in he is really enjoying Battlestar Galactica on Netflix, there are 4 series available. 

Top Picks for Date Night In:

Orange is the New Black – this is a dark comedy set in a women’s prison. This is one we both enjoy. We are a bit behind, only starting season 2.

Better Call Saul – the next best thing to Breaking Bad, the spin off! We loved season 1, can’t wait for season 2! Not as hard hitting as Breaking bad, yet anyway. 

Narcos – I’m loving this new series based on the true-life story of the growth of cocaine drug cartels across the globe and the drug kingpins of the 80s and the efforts of law enforcement to meet them head on in brutal, bloody conflict. It’s fast-paced and bloody, not for the faint-hearted. Goes down well with us here though. 



Do you have Netflix? I’d love to hear what you are watching on these cold winter nights? Recommendations always welcome :-)

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team, and I received a free subscription to the service in return for writing updates and reviews. I had my own Netflix subscription prior to joining and as always all opinions expressed are my own. 

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