5 Ways Netflix Saved my Summer!

5 Ways Netflix saved my summer

If I wasn’t before, I’m definitely now a convert to on demand streaming TV. There have been several ways this summer that having Netflix was invaluable.

In no particular order.

  1. SummerThe Weather. You know, the Irish summer. Or should I say ‘summer’. ‘Coldest July on record’ and other similar phrases were bandied about, everyone you spoke with had a more dramatic way of putting it. In short, it rained. A lot. There were many more days indoors than we anticipated and when the games and jigsaws and play dough and similar was boring too, on came the tv. On demand tv is just so easy, there’s no whinging about not seeing the start or missing something, just click click and go.
  2. The Family Hotel Break. Each time we do one of these I swear I won’t do it again, what a lot of money for sharing a room with my kids. When did that become a good idea?! But it is getting easier, we even got a night’s sleep this time. Having Netflix to put on the laptop with all their favourites ready in a flash was just wonderful. No packing dvds and then tears because the favourite one is scratched. And when they woke in the morning, that extra hour of closing my eyes and pretending to be asleep while listening to Team Umi Zoomi or All Hail King Julien was wonderful! unnamed
  3. The Novelty Factor. I don’t know why but the boys have a special grá for Netflix over regular tv, as in they get extra excited if I say they can watch something on it. Maybe it’s the choice, more visual and easy to understand for kids, and their own profile has pictures of each option they could watch. Whereas TV is more complex to decide what to watch. Their current favourites are Denis the Menace and Charlie and Lola.
  4. Staying with Uncle John or Aunty Siobhan. It’s not that their aunt or Uncle’s houses are boring per se. Just simply that they are grown up houses with no little people, so there isn’t a million toys around like at home. When a couple of night’s stay in my brother’s house became a week, it was invaluable to have all their cartoons on hand in the form of Netflix. Again, the weather (See number 1) was a factor here too.
  5. TV Choice for Mum and Dad. With the long evenings the bedtimes for the kids were later but there was still plenty of evenings in to get to grips with some of our favourite series. This summer we started watching Orange is the New Black season 2 and I finally got into the Good Wife after lots of friends had recommended it. I also binge-watched the last three seasons of Dexter. images


Do you have Netflix? I’d love to hear what you are watching these days? Recommendations always welcome :-)

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team, and I received a free subscription to the service in return for writing updates and reviews. I had my own Netflix subscription prior to joining and as always all opinions expressed are my own. 

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