Felt Christmas Cards

Today we did some festive ‘arts and crafts’ The inverted commas are around ‘arts and crafts’ because this is an easy way out sort of craft. Designed for 3-8 year olds, the Early Learning Centre Christmas Felt Cards set contains enough card, stickers and felt pieces to make six lovely Christmas cards. I thought there’d be plenty of stickers left over when I saw the amount of them, but it seems five year olds are very sticker happy.


Christmas Card Felt Set
Christmas Felt Card Set

I bought this set back in October when I picked up a few early toys from Early Learning Centre. It was on offer at half price and for this it’s a steal. I often think I will do lots of crafts with my boys then never quite get around to it. I’m slowly learning that something that is easy and contained and doesn’t have a million bits is the way to go.

This evening I felt brave enough to open the box. I Sat down with my five year old and we made two cards over a period of about 45 minutes. He also wrote the cards and decorated the envelopes. He was delighted to be doing art with me. He said ‘this is even better than television, doing art stuff’. Result. Parent of the year for me. Quality one on one time for him. Win win. Part of me is screaming that this isn’t proper art because we bought a kit and just made it up, but another part realises that in my incredibly busy life lately I’ve had very little time to do anything like this with him, and he just thrives on both the attention and the creativity.


The kit contains:

  • 6 felt stickers, a snowflake, Christmas tree, star, bell, snowman and stocking
  • 2 sheets of strips of stickers – holly, santas, lights etc.
  • 6 background stickers of various designs
  • Sheet of glittery round stickers
  • 3 red cards, 3 green cards
  • 6 white envelopes

My son has already picked who he’s sending the cards to, he is very proud of his work. They look pretty good for a few minutes of time and teach your child a little about the spirit of Christmas and giving. There is enough scope to be creative with the materials given and we will get around to making the completely homemade ones too. Some day…


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