Easter Chez Nous

So here’s the dairy free stash. The boys don’t know yet, Shh don’t tell them. I don’t know why they are getting so many chocolatey things, does anyone else overcompensate because their children are on special diets? I bought the bunnies just because I could get them! I think if they weren’t dairy free they’d be getting one thing only. Oh well! The marzipan and mini dark chocolate eggs are for the treasure hunt.


DF Easter Basket

Due to the abundance of chocolate around, I think we’ll be melting some down. Here are some of the things we might make:


Marshmallow treats

Rocky Road Bars

Chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Brownies


We are going to have an Easter egg hunt like last year, this time in our own garden.  The plastic hollow eggs are widely available in any euro or pound shop and can be filled with any treats or small toys you like!

IMG_1918 IMG_1934


Easter Arts and Crafts

I’m sure we will make an Easter Tree like we did before. My son gets a magazine most weeks instead of pocket money so here are some eggs we made inspired (read copied step by step in a very ocd manner) by his latest magazine. We will make Easter cards, and attempt dying and painting hard boiled eggs again too.

Easter Outings

With the beautiful weather this Easter we will be out and about having adventures too. Lots of fresh air and sunshine. In the first week of the holidays we’ve had picnics, gone to the beach, fished in a well, visited the heritage park and more!

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Happy Easter!


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