dairy free kids is 2 years old!

happy birthday dfk


Little did I think 2 years ago that I would be blogging three or four times a week on a good week, that I’d usually have something to say at least once a week and that I would have built up a lovely little following on the blog and on social media. Today dairy free kids is two years old. My boys were 4 and 1 when I started blogging about their dairy free adventures and they’re now a very grown up 6 and 3. In the last year I have written articles for the Irish Independent and Journal.ie and made it through to the finals of the blog awards for best parenting blog. I have enjoyed meeting and networking with other bloggers and other people involved in the free from industry and other members of the allergy community. Many lovely people have done interviews for dairy free kids and I have loved hearing their stories.I have set up an Irish dairy free facebook group, which has lots of lovely and helpful members so is great for anyone with questions on living free from dairy. I have received many questions by email, on facebook and through comments and done my best to answer or to direct people in the right direction if I don’t know myself.

My very first post in October 2012 was ‘Bringing a party lunchbox, the quick way‘. In honour of it being dairy free kids’ birthday I am going to publish a more up to date version of the same post later on today. It is very fitting that it is a party post and also we are going to a child’s tea party later so I will be packing one of these lunchboxes today too. Here’s to the third year!


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