Recipe: Crêpes / Pancakes

It’s Pancake Tuesday tomorrow. We had a bit of a Pancake Monday in our house as Daddy will be going away tomorrow and the 5 year old didn’t want him to miss out. 

This year we didn’t use any frying pans. We were way fancier! Thanks to our friends Mick and Jenny who recently emigrated to Canada, we are now the proud owners of a crêpe maker. Today was the first time I used it, I was surprised how easy it was to make the pancakes, no sticking, no tossing (although I’m quite good at it if I say so myself).

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I used my usual easy batter recipe. One boy had sugar and lemon and the other had mixed berry jam. I made them with soy milk and they turned out delicious.


Recipe for Crêpes / Pancakes

This makes 4 large pancakes but I’ve often doubled and trebled when necessary.

1) Whisk together 120g sieved flour, 1 egg and 1/2 pint of your favourite milk substitute. I used soya milk. If you have time, leave batter in the fridge for a few hours before using.

2) Heat some sunflower oil in the pan or heat crêpe maker if using.

3) Pour in small amounts of the mixture, enough to thinly cover the base of the pan, tilt the pan to spread about. If using crêpe maker use the spreader to shape the crêpe.

4) As the batter cooks  you will see it start to come away from the edge. At this point toss it or turn it over to cook the other side.

5) Serve with sugar and lemon, jam, golden syrup, banana and peanut butter, honey, maple syrup, fresh berries, dairy free chocolate buttons or whatever your favourite dairy free topping is.

*If some family members take dairy and some don’t, you can use the same recipe with low fat or full fat milk instead of the soya milk. I make one jug of each and use one pan for each.


Update Feb 2015: Check out this post for ideas for pancake fillings.

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